We started in late 2018, in Prague, Czech Republic, as an online secondhand store, because we wanted to send some great pieces that we found on our trips to secondhand stores to new homes. What started as a passion quickly became a vocation and projects such as ours started to appear like mushrooms after the rain (Czech saying, we are in the end nation of mushroom pickers). 
Since our humble beginning the second hand market rose and now there is a full sea of small online independent and offline second hands and vintage stores (especially in Prague). As much as we love to see the rise of love for all things vintage, old and unique, we simply did not see our future within this community. The more you have of something, the less it makes sense. Vintage should not work as fast fashion and taking one pile of clothing and putting it elsewhere is not the solution for us. 
At the end of 2020 we decided to rebrand and start slowly with upcycling. The covid pandemic, lockdown and predictions for the future did not let us sleep that well. Since then we took our efforts much further and now, after a small creative hiatus we are back with a new and more sustainable concept. 
Slight change of direction and more love and passion for what we do. We take what we do responsibly and with a huge amount of love. Hope you will feel it through the screen and through our pieces. We put all our hearts and love into them. 
Hope you will like our new approach to sustainable fashion. We feel it is absolutely necessary and crucial for the future. 


Our curated vintage selection and our upcycled and remade pieces are exclusively picked by us, studied and put into context of current fashion trends and needs of our customers. 

We source all of our materials and pieces either at local secondhand sellers or from local deadstock re-sellers. Every piece in our collection is designed, printed, embroidered and sewn locally in Prague. We strive to be fair to everyone involved in the proces. We pay standard market prices and all our collaborators and employees are paid fairly. 

We use the maximum of the materials we work with. We keep all the leftover fabrics and wait for the right idea to come so we can make something new even from the smallest scrap. It is our goal (and necessity) to not have huge stock, but to make and sell only what we know will find the right owner. 

We do not go into sales if it is not absolutely necessary. E.g if some pieces have minor flaws or show signs of use or were damaged in some other way. If we can't remake them, we would much rather find them a new home as they are. 

We send a card with each order and we ask that you reuse it as well. Either as a bookmark or for some thoughts or paintings of yours. Be creative! 

Our packages are ecological and recyclable. We do not use any plastic within our process. Nor for deliveries nor for our creative processes.